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Slendertone does it work
Slendertone System-Abs for Guys claims to give you "more powerful, firmer abs in 30 days". But does it really work? I trialled the goods for 6 weeks to find out and in this informative article I will be giving you my Slendertone review. In this critique I'll outline how Slendertone functions, the pros, the cons and my overall summary.

slendertone reviews


Slendertone System-Abs for Men is an electronic abdominal toning belt. It uses clinically proven electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) toning which sends signals involving the pads of the belt. These signals then trigger the nerves that control your ABS to contract and relax. In accordance with the packaging EMS technology was used in hospitals for over 50 years to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles in-patients.


1) IT WORKS:- After using Slendertone System-Abs for Men for 6 months my abs did feel harder and stronger than before I began using the belt. When you're searching for an alternative abs toning exercise to crunches or sit ups Slendertone is certainly a viable option.

abs belt reviews

2) YOU CAN MULTI-TASK:- Unlike conventional stomach exercises where you have to concentrate all of your time and efforts on performing the movements, Slendertone System-Abs for Men permits you to do other things at the same time. It's possible for you to wear the belt whilst cooking, cleaning, watching Video or performing day to day jobs that makes it a very helpful tool in case you do not have time for a special abdominal work out.


1) IT DOESN'T BURN EXCESS FAT:- To get 6-pack abs you have to do a couple of things issues; tone your stomach muscles muscles and burn body that is enough fat so that these abs are visible. Slendertone System-Abs for Males does the first of these but maybe not the 2nd. If you're anticipating to just strap the belt on for 6 months and have some six pack abs at the conclusion of it then you're going to be let down. Even if you are employing the belt you still have to eat the proper foods and work out regularly so which you can burn the extra body fat and show the abs underneath.

2) IT'S EXPENSIVE:- Presently there really are a number of Slendertone belts in the marketplace. Slendertone System-Abs for Guys presently sells at GBP119.99 but even the most inexpensive version prices GBP69.99. In addition to this the gel pads that have the belt have to be replaced every 6 months at a price of GBP11.99 per pack. So if you are buying inexpensive piece of exercise equipment this belt is definitely not it.


Overall, Slendertone System-Abs for Men is a great substitute tool for strengthening and toning your abs. It is unquestionably a product worth considering if you lead a healthier lifestyle then. Nevertheless, it's not a piece of kit. You still need to do the work and decrease your body fat levels.

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